Ok please for the love of GOD can we STOP promoting Failure like it’s a Flipping trophy of pride.

Yes, successful people most have failed many times but eventually made it. They focus on the goal, not the failure or how they recovered from the failure. They focused on the GOAL.

Here maybe this make sense to you…

You as a child or maybe your child, when they were learning to walk.

Did you cheer them on… “fall! Come on fall. Its ok fall. Oh, yah you finally fell now let’s get back up.”


At least I pray you didn’t… a normal person says “walk… come on you can do it. Walk. There you go that’s it keeps going. Yah you did it.”

There you are focusing on the GOAL = Walking… not failing or learning from failure. The Goal!

So why is it the new craze the last 2-3 year to focus so much on failure? Yes, learning from it is great but every post on social media, every blog, every guru, every email looks like this.

The greats all failed. Winner learn from failure. Failing is great. Fail 100 times just like everyone else. Well you know what you’re creating? A generation of failures that try and fail and learn from it but can’t figure out why they fail 100 times is because they don’t focus on their GOAL!!!!

Oh, a hustling! WTF? Hustle hustle blah blah… hustling is for losers going nowhere. Instead of hustling start DOING, hell maybe accomplishing. We need to learn the power of our words and the affect they have on ourselves and those around us.

Ok hope this helps at least one person.



Have a great weekend.


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