Work From Anywhere: 4 Tips for Aspiring Digital Nomads

Do you dream about quitting your job and traveling the world? Have you ever thought ‘Why do I need to live here in the city when I can work on a computer from anywhere in the world?’ The internet has changed the meaning of work, bringing new opportunities and employment that didn’t exist until recently. Today we can build a career from wherever we want, free from the constraints of a conventional nine-to-five office job.

Why a growing army of ‘digital nomads’ are choosing Asia as their base

What if you could choose where and when you worked, and live anywhere in the world? With the rise of web-based working, physical location is often irrelevant. Cue the rise of so-called digital nomads, a group of ‘location-independent workers’ for whom the daily commute is whatever they want it to be.

How to Quit Your Job and Become a Digital Nomad in 90 Days: Getting Started

For the last 6 months I’ve been able to make a full-time living as business blogger on my $300 Dell laptop — with an hourly rate more than double what I was making as a healthcare analyst.

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