A big guy my size, linebacker size, and I just had a nice laugh at Biggby’s coffee. We are both just sitting nice and quiet on our laptops with Headphones on and working away. All of a sudden like a Worrall wind this little guy comes up and is loud as hell on the phone and walking around. He doesn’t even try and quit down or be considerate. We can hear him over our head phones, even when we turn them up. Then to add insult to injury he walks like he’s twice our size stomping around shaking the whole dam place. Why do you little fuckers stomp like you’re a dam elephant but someone like me 3 times your size can walk normal almost like a ninja? This little asshole shook the entire floor with every fucking step. I wanted to throw him over the balcony for not having respect for his environment. People these days are just rude and inconsiderate. Finally after ten minutes he packs up and leaves. I look at the other guy. We both just start laughing, clapping for joy, and talking about it. I was Glad it wasn’t just me, this guy was irritated too. We joked at the amazement of it all and went back to blissful quiet and work.

Ah life….

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